Home Power Bank Storage Backup 768-WattHour


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  • Battery : Lithium Aluminum Phosphate Life PO4
  • Type : Cylindrical
  • Watt Hour : 768wH
  • Voltage: 12.8v
  • Display: 1
  • Control Switch: 1
  • Solar charger input clamps kit: 2
  • Direct input charger: 1
  • Output inverter clamps kit: 2
  • DC to AC Converter: 1000w
  • 1 Car Sockets USB 12V / 8A for direct multiple phone charge.
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Naija Tech Home Power Bank for your Solar Panel Backup Storage is your all-in-one Universal Powerful Home Power Bank proudly produced by Naija Tech.

This Home Power Bank Backup has a wattHour rating of 768wH, An amperage rating of 240amps, a voltage potential of 12.8volts, and a high capacity that comes with 1000watts DC to AC inverter.

Naija Tech Home Power Bank or Power Backup for your Solar Panels is not limited to use for your home appliances but also for your Business Centers, Schools, Offices, etc.


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Benefits The Power Bank Offers You?

1.) No Generator or electricity is needed to run your appliances.
2.) No Noise, unlike the generator.
3.) Significantly removes the cost of purchasing fuel.
4.) Uninterrupted Power Supply joined with solar panels (optional).
5.) Elimination of maintenance costs on a generator.
6.) No more disappointment of power supply when you needed it most.
7.) The Home Power Bank is easy to carry and great for outdoors.
8.) With Naija Tech Product, you have already replaced your Generator [Home Power Bank] or ban PHCN (NEPA) if you want, [Solar system].


Product Uniqueness :

Other Solar Companies use Old Scrap Dead Car Batteries to set up Solar systems for you; @Naija Tech Solar & Power Solution; We customize and build the power bank batteries from scratch for your Home system Power Backup.

A good quality new Car Battery wattage (medium battery size) is worth around 470wH, while Naija Tech Home Power Bank is worth 768wH for your Solar Power Backup Storage.

Difference We Make:

They use outdated dead car batteries; Naija Tech builds its own.
[Good quality new car battery (Medium size) = 470wH ]
[Other Solar Companies = Dead scrap battery, highest 150wh]
[Naija Tech (new) = 768wH Built from scratch].



Ways End-user Can Use The Product :

Without Solar Panels or PHCN (NEPA);

– Can be used to charge multiple laptops and Phones (Areas where Nepa (PHCN) rarely gives light).
– Can be used to power your home appliances (Lights, TV, Fan, etc.) for longer hours
– Can be used on your farm’s rechargeable gadgets.
– Can be used for your business centers (printers, clippers for barbers, nylon machine, etc.)


What It Can Carry :

Lights Bulbs
Tv and Decoder
Printers (small / medium size)
Lamination machines
Digital cameras
Mobile Phones
All rechargeble devices
Wireless Monitoring equipment
Automation equipment
Energy storage power station
Mining medical equipment
Machinery communication equipment
Communication base station electric tools
Heavy equipment
Solar energy storage, etc.

Join Home Power Bank + (1) 150W Solar Panel :

Run more heavy appliances, charge multiple laptops for more long hours and other devices up to 24hrs+ without the need of PHCN (NEPA) Or Generator.

If you live in places where PHCN (NEPA) never gives light, you are guaranteed a steady power supply to run most medium appliances almost for a full day and all through the night (6-6) expect you are running heavy appliances.

An Off-grid Solar System gives a power source to load connected to it; the more panels you have, the greater the voltage.
If your load is greater than the number of watts coming from the panels at the peak of the sun,
e.g. (early in the morning, cloudly, raining days), it will draw source from your Home Power Bank, and thus if the load is run for a longer period and the home power backup gets discharges, it will go off.

But if the load is lesser than the panels, it will use the main source from the solar panels, and the solar will also charge up the Home Power Bank.

All these can run without Electricity or a Generator.
6 hours Laptop Power Bank Charge Time (Bright Day)


Note: This is not a permanent price and will continue to increase.
For customers interested in solar systems, you should contact Naija Tech for recommendations based on the appliances you need to run, and for how many hours.


Interested - Reach OutContact: 08028925133.

Proudly Produced By: Naija Tech Solar & Power Solution Naija Tech Logo


To Learn More About Solar System.


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Home Power Bank Storage Backup 768-WattHour
Home Power Bank Storage Backup 768-WattHour


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